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Ushering In a New Year of Ministry & Service at Saint Benedict's

One of the first people to greet you as you enter Saint Benedict's is often an usher - that invaluable person who quietly and effectively finds an open seat in a seemingly full Church of people, allowing us to join in the Mass without disturbing others, and providing us with a welcome sigh of relief.

The main duty of the usher is to assist and serve the Priest at Mass. Each week, those who are on duty select the offertory bearers, take up the church collection and help guide the congregational activities. They are also instructed and prepared to assist in any emergencies that may arise during the Mass. Normally, a minimum of four people can adequately service the Church for a weekend Mass; however, a six-person team is preferred to cover any absences.

For further information, please contact Leonard Swiat at 835-4625.