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Playing an Important Role in Spreading the "Good News"

Each week we come to Church, listen to readings, participate in the responsorial psalms and follow along with the usual prayers at Mass. Everything is so well organized that we don't stop to think about the many people involved in that 45 minutes of prayer and thanksgiving who make it all possible, such as St Benedict's many dedicated lectors.

Currently, there are 27 lectors at Saint Benedict's, who are all trained on an individual basis by Ruth Scheda. There is some preparatory training to assist lectors in delivering the readings audibly to the Parish assembly and helpful instruction on timing and delivery. Lectors are always provided with readings in advance of each Mass, enabling them to be well prepared and have time to review the text. Assignments are scheduled on a six-month basis, and a schedule is mailed to each lector prior to their scheduled weekend. According to Ruth, "The rewarding part of being a lector is the active participation in the Liturgy, and with good preparation, the expectation that those listening will have received a better understanding of the Scriptures."

New voices are always welcome. If you are interested, please contact Ruth Scheda at 834-9149.

The Lector Schedules are attached to this page, click on the links below to access them.