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1317 Eggert at Main, Amherst,NY 716 - 834 - 1041

This practice originated in Medjurgorje where the Blessed Mother is purported to be new appearing daily to three young people.  Our Maria Sanctisima Prayer Group started in 1990, but prior to that time some of the members had been active as a Renew group in the 1980's.  The meetings are now being held every two weeks in church after the 8:15 am Mass.  the group is limited to 14 members, all being original members.  Each member takes a turn selecting and leading various prayers and the rosary.  They put their faith into action by volunteering.  Several members of this group take Communion and offer a Prayer Service three Tuesdays a month at the Wedgewood Nursing Home.

For more information, please contact Ronnie Walterich at 832-7104 or Mickey Delaney at 832-9230.  Prayers and actions do make a difference.