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Ushering In a New Year of Ministry & Service at Saint Benedict's

One of the first people to greet you as you enter Saint Benedict's is often an usher - that invaluable person who quietly and effectively finds an open seat in a seemingly full Church of people, allowing us to join in the Mass without disturbing others, and providing us with a welcome sigh of relief.

The main duty of the usher is to assist and serve the Priest at Mass. Each week, those who are on duty select the offertory bearers, take up the church collection and help guide the congregational activities. They are also instructed and prepared to assist in any emergencies that may arise during the Mass. Normally, a minimum of four people can adequately service the Church for a weekend Mass; however, a six-person team is preferred to cover any absences.

For further information, please contact Leonard Swiat at 835-4625.

During Advent 2011, we released a new website that we hope will be more meaningful and current...but we need help. If you are over 14 and under 100, we can find some way for you to help. This is not a long term commitment.

We received a grant to cover some upcoming parish technology expenses. Our success will be measured by how we can involve our parishioners.

You don't have to know about websites, you don't have to own a computer.....we can find ways for you to help in a meaningful fashion. If you have any questions or would like to get involved in this project, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


If you notice things looking different here, it's because we sometimes test out new features on this page.

St. Vincent de Paul Society

St. Benedict’s Parish


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It is our duty to prefer the service of the poor to everything else and to offer such service as quickly as possible. If a needy person requires medicine or other help during prayer time, do whatever has to be done with peace of mind.  Offer the deed to God as your prayer. . . charity is certainly greater than any rule.  Moreover, all rules must lead to charity.”

Saint Vincent dePaul



Our mission is to attend to the needs of the poor and needy where no work of charity is regarded as foreign to our society. The duty of serving the poor, and doing it wisely, is looked upon as one of the most important aspects of our membership where we go personally, one-on-one, to visit the poor in their own homes within the spirit of St. Vincent de Paul and Blessed Frederick Ozanam, the founder of the society.

Ministry Description

We are a Catholic lay organization founded to grow spiritually and in fellowship with our other members by offering personal assistance to the poor, suffering and forgotten. We work with our Headquarters located on 1298 Main St. to provide clothing, furniture, appliances, and food for the poor. We help support and maintain our Summer Camp in Angola.

Additionally, we donate to food pantries, organize clothing drives, assist the needy financially when necessary, and cook and bring food to a homeless shelter.

We meet the third Tuesday of the month at 6:30 PM in the Tobin Room of the School and encourage and welcome new members.

Those in need of assistance with:  food, clothing, furniture, temporary help with paying utility bills, rent, or mortgage payments, etc. should call Barbara Flynn at 517-0560.

All assistance is given on a confidential basis.

Those wishing to make a donation should also call Barbara Flynn.