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1317 EGGERT ROAD         AMHERST, NY 14226-3396          (716) 834-1041

April 29th, 2016

Dear Parish Family,

Your support of St. Benedict Church is vital to our continued ministries.

Thanks to your generosity in the past, we have been able to undertake projects such as:

  • Replacing the windows in our school
  • Launching our Youth Ministry initiative
  • Reinforcing the valleys of the roof of our church

Unlike other parishes, we do not have a “lawn fete”-style fundraiser to contribute toward these large investments.  Instead, our parish relies on your financial support through our annual Parish Drive.  This year, our featured capital project will be repainting the sanctuary. As you may remember, our church sustained major interior water damage due to ice formations during the harsh winter of 2014.  While our insurance covered the repairs and repainting of the affected walls, refreshing much of the interior space, the sanctuary was not painted.  Our church is the focal point of all our ministries – it is where we gather to grow in our faith, our inspiration for our community outreach programs, and the foundation of our top-ranked school.  The sanctuary of our church should be updated to match the vivacity of the surrounding walls and of our parish community. 

In addition to the painting project, there are other capital expenses that have needed our attention, including:

  • The unforeseen expense of repairing the roof of the church due to ice damage (Spring 2015, $34,200.)
  • Resurfacing all of our parking lots (Summer 2014, Fiscal 2015, $4,980.)
  • The need to repair the sinkhole/drains in the school parking lot (November 2015, $9,412.)

I am asking for your support with these initiatives by helping us reach our goal of raising $125,000.   Last year, we fell short of our goal - I’m confident that with your gift this spring, we can ensure that our church will be a beautiful and vibrant place for many years to come. 

Please accept my sincere thanks for your generosity to our Parish.  I thank you for your prayerful consideration and contribution to the 2016 Parish Drive.



 signature mock


Reverend Robert M. Mock


P.S. I am excited to share the artist’s drawing of the proposed improvements.



Sometimes a picture truly is worth a thousand words. 
Thanks to this rendering, we can share how wonderful the sanctuary will appear when it is finished. 

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